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 Effective Programming: More Than Writing Code is your one-stop shop for all things programming. Jeff writes with humor and understanding, allowing for both seasoned programmers and newbies to appreciate the depth of his research. From such posts as "The Programmer's Bill of Rights" and "Why Cant Programmers... Program?
" to "Working With the Chaos Monkey," this book introduces the importance of writing responsible code, the logistics involved, and how people should view it more as a lifestyle than a career. Read more details

Do you know Stack Overflow? Of course you do. Do you know a blog named Coding Horror? If not, then let me tell you that Jeff Atwood is one of the original founders of Stack Overflow and this book is "the best of" his blog (Coding Horror). First of all things let me say that you probably don't want to buy paperback and neither you want to read it on your kindle device. What you really need is a proper ebook, because this is actually content from a blog (full of hyperlinks).

When download or buy this book has a really nice selection of texts from the Coding Horror blog but in some cases it's not properly formatted for the kindle. Essentially a collection of Atwood's blog posts, this is a highly readable collection of advice and anecdotes about what it means to be a programmer, work with programmers, hire programmers, and so on. I've noticed in some articles that made reference to code snippets that were supposed to be there but weren't and made it quite hard to read those articles.

But in general it's a really nice book, even though you can just read the same texts in the blog the way they're grouped and organized give things a better meaning and make it easier to go for the topics you're looking for. Reading this book was a refresher on some of the many topics that Jeff has touched on in the past. I enjoyed reading (again) his opinion on many subjects close to my heart. If you are not familiar with Jeff Attwood's Blog , I highly recommend giving it a visit and adding it to your "My Favorites" browser section.