Karen Hawkins's Capture a Countess The Duchess Diaries

Karen Hawkins has done an excellent job of giving readers another suburb historical romance. This story had a great beginning, when teen aged Rose Balfour finally had the opportunity to garner Lord Alton Sinclair's (Lord Sin) attention she was beyond thrilled. When he led her to a private garden area at a ball she was walking on clouds but when he kissed her she became frightened and accidentally pushed him into
a fountain and the rest of the ton attending the ball saw a wet angry Lord Sin. Rose left with her Aunt, going to the countryside for years. read more

When download or buy this book I adore the meddling Duchess Margaret's journal entries at the top of every new chapter. They make you feel an intimate part of the goings-on , add humor and something to think about as the next chapter is begun. The Duchess of Roxburghe finds a new hobby of matchmaking which I am eager to see in the next Duchess Diaries books. Her knowledge that her nephew is not perfect, not making excuses otherwise and her ability to reason with those around her makes her one of my favorite characters.

Another aspect that I loved and admired about this novel is that Karen makes the setting a real place. She opens up the book by including a letter to her readers that notes all about the actual setting, Floors Castle. I was so impressed and eager to read this. 

How to Capture a Duchess by Karen Hawkins is a fabulous read and I highly recommend it.