Discover the Secrets of Windows 8 with Top 100 Tips by Tim Sievers

This guide is a collection of the best 100 tips that Tim Sievers have found for Windows 8. Designed to help you get up to speed quickly, this guide covers both the new Modern UI and the improved features of the Desktop. Because Windows 8 is built for both touchscreen and traditional computing devices he have included both touchscreen gesture and keyboard/mouse instructions.

Also, as a bonus extra, Tim Sievers have included a list of the most common Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts. This handy reference is divided into several categories to help you quickly find the shortcut you need, when you need it. So, whether you’ve just started using Windows 8 or you’ve been using it for a while, he is sure you’ll find some useful tips here that will improve your Windows 8 experience.

When download or buy this Top 100 Tips for Windows 8 ebook or book, There are tips and tricks in Windows 8 that I never would have known without reading this book. I have Windows 8 on a Dell laptop and I'm able to keep the book snapped to the side and as I read it, I can familiarize myself with Windows 8. It's quite different from Windows 7. I didn't give it 5 stars because just a few of the tips only give instructions for a touch screen or a mouse; I have neither.

This book gives you just enough to get started with Windows 8, which is the author's intention. The author is clearly an expert and knows how to provide the information a basic user needs to get started and then moves into more advanced needs.

The sooner you get this ebook the better; wish I'd had it on day one. The author knows how to write a user interface manual. He quickly describes the topic and tells you how to do things without confusing you with a deluge of words; brief = quick & easy. I recommend the kindle version. It loads perfectly on the left side of my metro app. I can read how to use Windows 8, while loading and swiping the described features and apps on my right. (You may have to learn a few features first.) With Windows 8, I can also read it while watching Videos.

This tip book is an incredible time saver. Although I'd already learned a lot of features on my own, there were still some really great Windows 8 features I might not have found. It's also a good reference to quickly get to the really cool things I forgot how to do. I knew I'd love my RT tablet as soon as I learned how to load two apps on my desktop. This manual has helped me navigate Windows 8 more easily.

I strongly recommend installing the Kindle App on your windows 8 computer and purchasing the Kindle version of this book for a quick reference. My first reaction to Windows 8 was: Where is everything, I feel lost? I was not sure I liked it and it slowed down my productivity. I slowly began finding things that I needed. When I opened this book I opened a new world to Windows 8. I love it now. Windows 8 has some great new features and it is well worth learning how to use them.