The Official Novelization of Pacific Rim Movie

Amazing! The official novelization of the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Pacific Rim from visionary director Guillermo del Toro!

When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity's resources for years on end.
To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju.

On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes-a washed up former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi)-who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the past. Together, they stand as mankind's last hope against the mounting apocalypse.

When you download or buy this Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization you can found the Jaeger program is initially successful in fending off kaiju attacks and at first turns the tide of the war. However, over time, kaiju cross through the portal at a faster rate, with each new kaiju becoming increasingly well-adapted for fighting against the Jaegers. As such, the robots become less and less effective, causing the now-united governments of Earth to lose faith in the Jaegers' ability to defend humanity. The Jaeger program is terminated, with resources diverted to building the "Wall of Hope", a coastal fortification to protect Earth's cities. The four of the remaining Jaegers are redeployed to Hong Kong to defend the unfortified coastline until the wall can be completed. Stacker Pentecost, the commander of the Jaeger forces, devises a plan to end the war once and for all with an illegally-acquired Russian nuclear warhead.

Pentecost approaches former pilot Raleigh Becket and convinces him to return to the program. Becket and his brother Yancy had once been pilots of Gipsy Danger and tasked with defending the Alaskan coastline. During a mission, they ignored an order and engaged a kaiju directly. Yancy was torn from the cockpit while still connected to his brother, and the experience traumatized Raleigh. Upon returning to the program, Raleigh goes through a rigorous process of testing to find a new co-pilot, since the stronger the connection between two pilots, the better their performance in battle. Raleigh demands to be partnered with Mako Mori, a test pilot whose participation Pentecost opposes, as Mako is his adoptive daughter. He eventually relents and allows her to partner Raleigh. The couple's initial test run nearly ends in disaster when Mako gets caught up in a memory of an encounter with a kaiju as a child and inadvertently activates and nearly discharges Gipsy Danger's primary weapons system while still in the hanger. The two are withdrawn from the field indefinitely as the remaining Jaegers are tasked with fending off a dual kaiju attack. The defense of Hong Kong goes poorly, with the kaiju quickly destroying two Jaegers and disabling a third. Pentecost has no choice but to authorize Raleigh and Mako to mount a last stand, and the two drive off the assault.

Meanwhile, Dr. Newton Geizler—a scientist studying the kaiju—assembles a machine that allows him to establish a mental link with a fragment of a kaiju brain in the same way that Jaeger pilots connect with one another. The experience nearly kills him, but he discovers that the kaiju are actually genetically-bred weapons sent to Earth as an invading force to allow their masters to colonize the planet. With Pentecost's approval, he seeks out Hannibal Chau, a major figure in the trade of illegal kaiju parts, in an attempt to get a new kaiju brain to repeat the experiment. Chau criticises Geizler's foolishness in merging with the kaiju brain, as he has now attracted their attention, and the kaiju attacking Hong Kong are specifically seeking him out. After Gipsy Danger kills the kaiju attacking the city, Chau and his crew of poachers move in to harvest parts. Geizler realises, too late, that the kaiju is pregnant, and Chau and his crew are attacked by the newborn baby kaiju. The baby is unable to survive outside the womb and dies after eating Chau. This allows Geizler and his skeptical colleague Hermann Gottlieb to merge with the baby kaiju's brain, where they discover the secret controlling the flow of kaiju through the portal. 

The Jaeger forces reassemble, planning to use the nuclear warhead to destroy the portal once and for all. Pentecost, revealed to have been one of the original Jaeger pilots, takes command of Striker Eureka as one of its usual pilots was injured during the defence of Hong Kong. Pentecost ventures out into the ocean depths, with Raleigh and Mako supporting him aboard Gipsy Danger. Geizler and Gottleib inform them that the portal has a fail-safe system to control the passage of kaiju, which will only allow them entry if they can mimic the genetic code of a kaiju. Before they can process this information, they are attacked by a pack of kaiju, including the largest kaiju in recorded history. Pentecost detonates the warhead, destroying his Jaeger and its pilots, in order to kill the remaining kaiju guarding the portal. Raleigh and Mako seize the corpse of a dead kaiju and use it to pass through the portal, intending to overload Gipsy Danger's nuclear reactor to use it as an improvised bomb. With the Jaeger critically damaged from the fight, Raleigh ejects Mako and manually overrides Gipsy Danger's safety protocols before ejecting himself. Gipsy Danger detonates on the other side of the portal, destroying it and the alien commanders, as the two pilots emerge safely back on the Earth's surface.